3 Quick & Easy Ways To Tell If He’s Into You

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If a guy is into you it should be obvious right?

Hell yeah, it SHOULD be! Especially when we are talking about the over 40 male. If he hasn’t figured out how to show you he’s interested by this age, he never will. And, don’t you go making excuses for him.

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We probably all remember the 2009 romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You. It was a humorous look at what women tell themselves to justify the actions of a man who treats them poorly. If he said he’d call, but didn’t… he’s just not that into you. Don’t get stuck in the rut these women did and fret over a man who doesn’t show you he’s interested.

Take the guessing out of dating with these 3 sure-re ways to tell if he’s into you.

#1 – He asks you out.

Crazy as it may seem, a guy who is into you will ask you out. He’ll want to spend time with you. He’ll make plans and then show up.

www.myhappysinglelife.com/blog#2 – He follows up.

If he’s into you he will follow up after your date and ask to see you again. And, he’ll do it sooner rather than later. He’s not going to let too much time go before he makes a plan to see you again. He’s not going to leave you hanging and wondering if he’s going to call.

#3 – He makes time for you.

We all have full lives, but if he’s into you he will make time for you. There was a great line in the move He’s Just Not That Into You that sums it up perfectly… “Busy is another word for asshole.” Yes, he may really be busy, you should be too. Busy living your best life and not waiting for a man. The point is, if he’s into you he will make time in his busy schedule to see you and not use “busy” as an excuse not to.

You may run into the guy who says he’s into you but isn’t doing the above 3 things. He may be texting you but without actually making plans to see you again. Don’t get me wrong, texting is great, but it’s not a substitute for actually dating.

“Texting is great, but it’s not a substitute for actually dating.”   —C.M.

A guy may genuinely like you, but if he isn’t making plans to see you he probably isn’t looking for a relationship. He may be just looking for a texting buddy or a back up plan. That’s fine if you are just looking for someone to fill the time. However, if you are looking for a real relationship, don’t get hung up on the guy who isn’t making it obvious he likes you by asking you out, following up and making time to actually see you.

YOUR TURN: What are some other ways you know if a guys is into you or not? Share in the comments below.

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