Dating Over 40 – Don’t Give Up On Finding Love

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For many of us single women over 40, dating is an active part of our lives. Some of you choose NOT to date, you have your specific reasons – maybe you are recently divorced or widowed, maybe you were hurt real bad by your last relationship, maybe you were lied to or cheated on, maybe you just haven’t dated in so long you aren’t sure how to begin again.

The message I want to bring you today is… don’t give up on finding love.

No matter what your current situation is or how you feel about dating, it’s super important that you don’t give up on finding love. We all need love! This doesn’t mean we can’t be happy and content without a romantic relationship – YES WE CAN! I’m living proof of it. But if you give up on finding love, then you are also giving up on giving love to someone else. 

Believe me, if anyone has a reason or excuse to give up on love it’s me. I have a turbulent relationship past which includes multiple marriages and divorces. It doesn’t ever get easier, each divorce was gut wrenching. When I married I believed this was it, this was my life partner and we’d endure through thick and thin. But, life doesn’t always work out as planned, in truth it rarely does. That is just something we have to learn to accept.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling deep within your self that something was right or wrong? That gut feeling that drives you to make decisions and act upon certain things? Even though I’ve been through the ringer with relationships that’s still the feeling I get when thinking about love and why I know you should never give up on finding it.

I get it, I understand the pain love causes when it goes bad or ends. But without knowing that pain you won’t appreciate the joy it also brings. Not only the joy of feeling loved by someone, but also the joy that loving someone else brings.

You see, it’s not just about love we get, but love we give. Giving love helps us feel happy and content. No relationship will ever be perfect; we are imperfect people. The key is in trying to do our best and be our best. We are only going to be our best when we are sharing the love we have to give.

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I know I have a lot of love in my heart to share and that is what keeps me hopeful that I will find love someday. I live every day happy and content without having a romantic relationship, but I won’t ever give up the hope of enhancing my life by having someone to share love with, giving and receiving.

With all that being said, dating is the most common and effective way to find love. Once in a great while you’ll hear a story of how love just fell in someone’s lap, but most often you have to search after if, or at least be open to it.

So, keep yourself open to dating. Even actively seek it out if you have the desire to love again. Is it scary and risky? Sometimes. But it will be worth it.

YOUR TURN: Are you open to dating? Do you have a lot of love to give someone? Share in the comments below.