Extra Safety on Facebook: Hide Your Friends

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Ladies, did you know that you can now hide your list of friends on your Facebook profile? This is a new feature and is perfect for keeping your private life a little more private.

Of course, you may be wondering, “Why would I want to hide my friends?”

While it’s true that Facebook is a social network where we share about our lives (sometimes we share too much), keeping a certain level of privacy is always a good thing, especially for single women.¬†This new feature allowing us to hide our friends list from our friends (and everyone else) can protect you in many ways.

A few of the most important ways this provides extra safety are:

  • People you may have added as a friend, but don’t actually know very well, won’t have access to all of your other contacts.
  • When someone who isn’t a friend searches for your profile, they can’t see all your other connections.
  • When you post to a group, if someone clicks on your name to learn more about you, they can see whatever you have made public. By making sure your friend list is hidden, you are protecting everyone on that list too.

It’s real easy to use this new feature and hide your friends list on your Facebook profile.

  1. Sign in to Facebook
  2. Go to your personal profile page
  3. Click on Friends
  4. Click on Edit Privacy on the top right of list
  5. Choose Only Me

That’s it!

Keep in mind, when friends comment on posts on your page they will be seen. This feature just keeps someone from going through your entire list of friends, it doesn’t hide all of their interaction with you.

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