Girls Night In – Make The Perfect Cosmopolitan

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Inviting people over for cocktails and conversation is a great way to develop deeper relationships with your friends, family, and even your neighbors. For the single gal, surrounding yourself with people you trust is important.

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There’s something about holding a martini glass that makes me feel sophisticated. When that glass is filled with a delicious drink, it’s even better! Plus, this one is sooooo pretty!  Yep, it’s a girl thing… the Cosmopolitan.

This ladies drink was made popular in the 90’s by the HBO series Sex In The City, the Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo as it’s frequently called, has many variations. The base of the drink is vodka, with added triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice.

The Ingredients

2 ounces vodka

Since vodka is at the heart of this recipe, I’d recommend using a high quality or at least mid-range vodka. Check out this guide to choosing the right vodka for your drink. I’m in love with Tito’s Vodka right now, but using Stolichnaya (commonly called Stoli), or Svedka, Skyy, or anything comparable would be good.

1/2 ounce triple sec

Grand Marnier and Cointreau are popular triple sec brands, but feel free to use whatever you have handy.

3/4 ounce cranberry juice

Be sure to use real cranberry juice, not a cranberry juice cocktail.

1/2 ounce lime juice

Squeeze juice from a fresh lime. I know it’s more work, but it is worth it.

Orange twist

A two-inch, narrow piece of fresh orange peel garnishes this drink perfectly.

The Tools & Glassware

Ice cubes

Yes, ice cubes are a tool for this drink, not an ingredient.

Cocktail Shaker

This drink is best shaken, not stirred.

Martini Glass

An extra girly glass would be perfect for this drink – like these fun design glasses.

Citrus Squeezer

To squeeze the fresh lime juice.

Citrus Stripper

To make the cool little orange peel twist.

The Directions

Twist the orange peel and rub oils on outer peel around rim of martini glass. Set orange twist aside.

Add the ice cubes to the cocktail shaker, then add the vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice.

Cover and shake for about 30 seconds until mixture is well chilled.

Strain into martini glass.

Garnish with previously used orange twist.

Carla’s Cocktail Tips

Make this drink according to your tastes. you aren’t a fan of the orange oils on the rim of the glass, leave it off. If you love the extra orange, then when making the twist with the citrus stripper, do it over the martini glass to let the extra orange oils spray into the glass.

Too much lime for you? Cut the fresh lime juice down to 1/4 ounce. Love the lime? Use a lime twist to garnish your drink instead of the orange zest.

Making drinks for a party? You can make a pitcher of Cosmos ahead of time. To make 4 drinks use the following:  1 cup vodka, 1/4 cup triple sec, 1/3 cup cranberry juice, 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice. Stir (yes, when making a pitcher it’s kind of hard to shake) and adjust to taste. Then refrigerate. When ready to serve, rim martini glasses with orange twist oils, pour Cosmo mixture, and garnish with the orange twist.

Other Thoughts

Having friends over for cocktails is fun. Be sure you don’t ruin the night by over-doing it yourself or over-serving someone else. Above all, make sure no one drinks and drives!